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A Message From Stan

I want to thank all those individuals that have given a gift of The Angel Pendant to a loved one. Each gift of an Angel inspires a story, and it is my hope that these real life stories will touch you like they have touched me. I am deeply touched at the variety of reasons people have for giving an Angel Pendant as a gift. From celebrating a special friendship or family member, to the birth of a child or the loss of a loved one, there is no end to the reasons for giving an Angel Pendant. Feel free to share your story with us by sending us an email on our contact us page or on our Facebook Page: The Angel Pendant ~ Be Part of the Story


A Precious Angel for a Precious Young Lady

While trying to think of a special gift for a very special young lady turning 30, I immediately thought of my precious Angel Pendant given to me by a friend after I lost my 21 yr. old son to brain cancer back in 2011. This young lady has some challenges in her life but she is a bright light bringing smiles to all those around her. While I have only known her a short while, I am inspired by her love for people, animals and nature. She is a joy to be around and so I wanted her to have a special gift to show her how much she is loved by her uncle Richard and I. Thank you for giving me this chance to share your creative work. I enjoyed talking with your lovely wife who was generous enough to send me the necklace express post to ensure she would have it time for her birthday. I love the article featured in the Muskoka Magazine as well. It puts a personal touch and meaning behind this gift. Sincerely, Sandy Read More...

Celebrating my special best friend with an Angel Pendant

I am giving this ANGEL today to my very best friend. I never had a best friend growing up and my friend Sandy came into my life when I met my husband. Read More...

My Dearest Angel Friend and her healing presence in my life.

In December 2000 my dear friend Adria Trowhill cleared her life and business calendar and flew to Seattle from Toronto to care for me when I came home from the hospital after my emergency colon cancer surgery. Read More...

The Perfect Gift for My Mom for Christmas

Hello Stan, Here is my story. "I ordered the Small Angel Pendant for my Mom for Christmas, when she opened the little box, she looked at me and asked why I had chosen this particular pendant. I replied simply that it meant that I loved her Read More...

"A Soldiers Story of Love and the Power of an Angel Pendant" by Katherine

Deployment was hard for both of us, but my boyfriend did everything he could to make things easier for me. I couldn't have asked for a better Army boyfriend. He called as often as he could, and would message me every second he could spare. Read More...

Long Road ~ My Angel Story

I have had Ovarian Cancer and then been diagnosed with Acute Transverse Myelitis and was paralyzed. We are raising our 3 year old granddaughter. Through all of these trials I have had many angels in my life Read More...

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Whether given or received, each gift of The Angel Pendant inspires a meaningul and touching story. We would love to hear the story of your gift.  After all, who doesn't need an Angel in their life?


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