Classic Contemporary Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Heart Ribbon Angel Pendant by Stan W Tait

Angels have always been an enduring and treasured symbol of protection, care and spiritual strength. The Heart Ribbon Angel Pendant is an enduring gift from the heart. Bring together the timeless symbol of the Heart with a Ribbon to celebrate the ties that connect us. Gift the one you love with an everlasting Heart Ribbon Angel. Perfect to celebrate Mothers, Daughters or Grandmothers connected through this heartfelt gift.

Price: $80.00

The Heart Ribbon Angel Pendant hangs lovingly from an 18 inch chain and is rhodium plated to never tarnish. Each Angel Pendant is packaged with an inspiration gift card to convey your special message.

"Angels hold a very deep spiritual meaning as messengers sent directly from God. Angels have been with us through all of the ages and our guardian angels are there to guide us through the days"

Product Details:

  • Stone Type: No Stone
  • Metal Type : .925 Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium plated – will never tarnish
  • Includes a 18" Chain
  • Actual Size 1" high by 5/8" wide


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