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The Perfect Gift for My Mom for Christmas

Hello Stan, Here is my story. "I ordered the Small Angel Pendant for my Mom for Christmas, when she opened the little box, she looked at me and asked why I had chosen this particular pendant. I replied simply that it meant that I loved her. I think every gift you give, should be special and well thought out for everyone, not just some random present you found in a store, and I thank you deeply for providing the perfect gift for my Mom this Christmas! Cheers! :)"  JF Rondeau, Quebec Canada.

And his Mom's reply: "Merci pour ce beau cadeau! D'autant plus que c'est pour une bonne cause! Merci xxx" (Translation: Thank you for this beautiful present! Especially since it is for a good reason! Thank you xxx Thank you xxx !) 

L. Huberdeau, Quebec Canada

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