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Celebrating my special best friend with an Angel Pendant

Celebrating my special best friend with an Angel Pendant!

I am giving this ANGEL today to my very best friend. I never had a best friend growing  up and my friend Sandy came into my life when I met my husband. She instantly became that best friend I had been missing.  Sandy is the type of friend who is always there for you in all aspects of life.  Always there to lend  a hand, never judgmental, yet giving great advice and reassurance when needed.  Her wonderful sense of humour has meant so much to me to lighten life’s struggles.  My husband and I have raised a disabled child and I can’t tell you how valuable this friendship has been in regards to our son alone.  Sandy is also our daughter’s godmother. She has been that special “Aunt” to both of our  children all these years.  My husband cherishes this wonderful friendship just as much as I do.  It means a great deal to me today to give Sandy one of your special “Angels” to honour her  on her  65th birthday.

Fondly, S. Wheeler, ON, Canada

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