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"A Soldiers Story of Love and the Power of an Angel Pendant" by Katherine

Deployment was hard for both of us, but my boyfriend did everything he could to make things easier for me. I couldn't have asked for a better Army boyfriend. He called as often as he could, and would message me every second he could spare. He always told me I was an Angel. I told him I was HIS Angel. His Soldier's Angel.

He sent me many gifts, but this one gift was very special to me.

A Soldier's Angel

My birthday was coming up, and of course, he wouldn't be there. A while back he told me he was going to ask me three questions that had to do with my birthday present. I never figured out what those were. It was a week or so before my birthday and I got an envelope from Canada. I was very confused because I didn't know who, or what it was. I sat on the back porch of my house and opened it. First, I was still confused, somewhat freaked out. Then as I further inspected, I saw the Angel Pendant and immediately knew who it was from. I started crying. I messaged him right then thanking him so much. I was surprised at his response. He was kind of mad, and told me that I had promised to wait until my birthday. I explained I didn't know what it was, but I was very sorry. He quickly forgave me and we discussed how beautiful it was.

Ever since, I have worn it everyday. "As long as you wear it I will always be with you," he told me. And it was true. I could feel him with me all the time. I never thought something so simple would mean so much to me. Now every time I look at it, I think of a million memories, and know he is always in my heart, and every time someone asks me where I got it, I say from my sweet sweet angel.     

Thank you from my Sweet Soldier, Katherine

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